Friday, June 22, 2012

Find your niche' - make your pitch!

I spent the last three days away in the park with NO internet access whatsoever! I am so glad to be back home with modern technology.

Recently I have been speaking with people about becoming debt free. It seems lots of us were victims of the "name it-claim" era or the "blab it-grab it" phenomenon.

Now it's time to turn this debt into opportunity. You see people have been in debt since the beginning of time, so that's nothing new. But what do we do now? TAKE ACTION! Find your niche and make your pitch!

Now is the perfect time to find creative ways to make extra money and pay off some debt. What is your niche"? Do you love children? Perhaps you can open up a home daycare. Does cleaning relax you? You can start a cleaning business. Do most of your friends say that you would make a good organizer? Become an organizer.

There is something special that we all are equipped to do. Why not capitalize on your natural gifts and talents. You can start part-time on the weekends and make enough money to get yourself out of debt. Sometimes when you can't get an extra job to make ends meet, you have to create one!

I had a friend years ago who moved from her hometown, after she moved she lost her job. This was not good news considering she was the mother of a few minor children. There were no jobs and no unemployment and she began to get a little discouraged. I told her that if she could not find a job, she had to create one. She loved children so I suggested she start a nanny service or open her own daycare. She started a home daycare and to my knowledge she still operates it today.

It's really not so hard to use our God given talents to create some extra cash flow. What special talents do you have that are in demand? Using these talents can get you debt free and when you get out of debt it can free you to do more and more of what you are really created to do.

So if you want to get out of debt: "Find your niche" meaning take time to discover who you are and what you love to do, or what you are good at and then "make your pitch" let everyone you know what you are doing and how your service can improve their lives.

I read a good book recently by a friend and business coach called "Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire" I would suggest both male and female read it, I took away very good nuggets. Here's a link to check out her books.

Remember: "True empowerment comes through stewardship!"

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