Wednesday, August 22, 2012

**Stewardship Spotlight**

Hello to everyone, it has been a while. For the past few weeks I have been packing up and preparing to move. What a challenge to pack, clean, show my home for rent all while managing my 3 small children...This business is a blog in and of itself! They say that trying to clean a house with small children at home is like trying to shovel snow DURING a truer words have been spoken.

Weeks ago I lead a stewardship seminar at Higher Praise Christian Church in Locust Grove, Va. (you can check out my post about this). I was most impressed with a young lady in high school that attended. Her name was Ciara. She was bright, articulate and participated in the event.

I was impressed with her because she was the only youth there. On a Saturday, she decided to spend the day learning about how to be a good steward over her future finances. When I asked her why she attended, she stated that she wanted to learn about managing her finances while she was young so that she would not make some of the mistakes made by some adults. How smart is that? She gave up a Saturday in order to learn about stewardship.

Ciara not only attended the seminar but she participated in discussion and made it clear that she understood that what we all have really belongs to God. This is the premise of good stewardship. When the group was asked to read a particular passage, Ciara would pull out her electronic device and read away...still wondering what the device was?

How refreshing it was to see a young person interested and excited about stewardship and finances. Perhaps this will be a spin off to future seminars with young people that have a desire to learn more about managing their finances.

Kudos to Ciara's mom and grandparents, that also attended the seminar, for raising a wise young lady. They say apple's don't fall far from the tree!

Thank you Ciara for being our *stewardship spotlight* guest this month.

Remember. "True empowerment comes through stewardship!"

Monday, August 6, 2012

HPCC a great place to be!

Hello to everyone. I pray that all is well. I recently had the honor of hosting a seminar at Higher Praise Christian Church in Locust Grove, Va.    We covered topics such as: Kingdom principles vs the worlds system, debt elimination, gratitude; the heart of giving and taking personal responsibility.                                                                   The experience there was nothing short of awesome.  They were a group that packed a powerful punch! What really impressed me about this group was the excitement and anticipation. Typically I do the seminar and at the end the workbook is available. However, before the seminar I stepped away for a few minutes and when I returned, everyone had already purchased a copy of my book. Talk about ready and prepared!  I love this group! 

Another thing that stood out about HPCC was a young lady who attended. She is still in high school and decided to spend her Saturday at a stewardship seminar. Not only did she attend but she took initiative and participated. How cool is that?

The seminar was more than I could have anticipated and on top of all of that, the food and fellowship was great. A brother known for his cooking fixed a pasta salad that was to live for!  This seminar was a tremendous blessing because everyone took part and participated, the only thing we ran short of was time. As you can see we worked diligently and shared. Pastor Parker is a great leader and it is evident by the the people and the fruit.                                                                        I certainly hope to host another seminar or better yet, a conference in the near future. This seminar had been in the works for months, and finally it happened. It was well worth the wait...  Higher Praise was a great place to be!                                                                          

Remember. "True empowerment comes through stewardship!"