Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cutting cooling cost

The summer is here and the heat is on! Other than going to the beach, how can you save on your cooling bill? I remember as a kid growing up with my grandfather being a little warm in the house during the summer. Now that I think about it I was a little chilly in the house during the winter. My grandfather was qiute thrifty, to say the least.

I remember hearing him say that if we were hot we needed to take off some clothes because he had no intentions on giving all of his money to the electric company. He always said he was saving to travel and was going take a trip around the world. Well he never turned the air up high and he did take many trips to other countries.

Now that I'm an adult with bills I totally understand my grandfathers logic. Why give so much money to the electric company? Who says it has to be cold in the house because it's hot outside? It should be comfortable and just a little cooler than outside but it does not have to be freezing cold.

Here are a couple of ways to be a good steward and save money on your cooling costs.

Tip #1  At night only cool the rooms being used. No matter what the air is on during the day I always turn the therostat way up at night. I only use a ceiling fan and a floor fan to cool two rooms while sleeping. If it's hot in the morning I'll ajust the air a few degrees.

Tip #2 Try turning up your thermostat 4-6 degrees. You might be surprised to see your cooling cost lowered as your thermostat goes higher.

Tip #3 Like my grandfather said, you might try wearing less clothes if at all possible at home. Try light colored cottons and flowing fabrics to keep you cool.

Tip #4 Drink plenty of cool or cold water not only is this healthy but it also keeps you hydrated. You won't be so hot if you're drinking lots of water!

If you try these tips and you see a difference, please share with others and let me know how it works for you!

Remember: "True empowerment comes through stewardship!"

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