Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome to Empowerment through Stewardship

Welcome and a BIG thank you for visiting my new blog!

I am very excited and I hope you will continue to follow as we delve into stewardship principles God's way. Stewardship is an endless topic and one to be visited often during these challenging economic times.

As a christian most of what I write about stewardship principles will be from a Biblical standpoint and will include general and personal application.

One thing to be sure of is this:

While the country may be experiencing a recession, the Kingdom of God is not! Kingdom business is still in FULL force.

Stewardship has many facets. We are called to be good stewards of our time, finances, talents, family, ministry, business and the list goes on. However, for now, this blog will focus primarily on finances.

Again, I am truly grateful to have you visit this blog. Continue to follow along and tell a friend. The best is yet to come!

Remember. "True empowerment comes through stewardship!"

Join me for the next post. "What is stewardship?"

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