Friday, April 27, 2012

My Space

Hi everyone, thanks again for joining me. The last time we talked about organizing bills now let's take a peep into office space or whatever area used to pay the bills.  I take the ritual of paying my bills very seriously, here is a picture of my desk. This is what I call "my space" this is where it all happens!   Wherever your bill paying space is, it should be a place that makes bill paying time more efficient and should help keep you organized for the most part. This is all a part of stewardship.    When I pay my bills I always have the following ready to go: the checkbooks, monthly bill folder, my computer, stamps, address labels, calculator, pen/pencil, envelopes and a stapler.   I have two checkbooks because different bills are paid from different accounts. My bill folder keeps my bills organized as well as lets me know our monthly budget. Ninety five percent of my bills are paid online, so a computer is a must for me. I love my address labels, a small thing but very efficient. I don't have to waste time writing my name and address over and over, just peel and presto. The calculator allows me to keep a record of how much is being spent monthly. Always have pencils/pens handy, to mark bills paid or make any other notes when calling creditors. 
One more thing to note about the bill paying space. As much as I enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea, I don't drink near my laptop. I have known friends to do damage to their laptop and ruin paperwork by spilling drinks, not efficient. I hope this post has been insightful and motivating.  Can a person love to pay bills? Maybe.

*Remember, "True empowerment comes through stewardship"   

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